A research-based improvisation performance with violin and dance

With tisanac Duo

20-30 min.



Improvisation is essentially a play about different relationships, to first define the two ends on the scale and to find a balance point in between, where is not fixed but slides on a case by case basis, and weighs the contradiction and unity of the two ends.

We began our case-study by standing on the two sides of scale as “dancer” and “musician”, and looked at different layers to question our relationship: vision and acoustic; physicality and theatricality; spontaneity and dramaturgy…

But the definition of “dancer” and “musician” got burst, when the musician starts dancing and the dancer playing, or just when the two bodies are in the space caring their own cases- a full baggage of individual (or common) experience, knowledge, taste and decision- which bring an inevitable occurrence in every occasional and unpredictable moment.

The two ends on the scale are then not any more “dancer” and “musician”, but “this dancer” and “this musician”; “this dancer’s movement” and “this musician’s sound”; “this dancer’s sound” and “this musician’s movement”; and in this case, Tian and Isaac, specifically and irreplaceable Tian and Isaac.