Doris’ Hand

Doris’ Hand

      a display of the discrepancy of an emotional performer in today’s technology

photo: Pablo Guzman

 Doris’ Hand explores the conflict that a performer and instrumentalist experiences while being deeply emotionally engaged and balancing a dialogue with artificial intelligence. This conflict continuously triggers possibilities within strict restrictions.

Various dimensions of sound are being created by intricate programming of electronic sensorial mechanisms, yet approachable to the ear; integrated into combinations of codes, movement research, with daring use of the tools of contemporary dance and performance art. Furthermore, the ways of approaching the contemporary violin playing and the motion controlled live electronics allow the performer to create alone a broad world of sound, movement and state, in the performance space; a mixture of pure human qualities, artistic tools with artificial intelligence giving us the duality of today’s reality.

DORIS: This dual language which Doris, -meaning bounty and kindness who is half person half alien, like a nymph, however genderless- uses to reconstruct a bridge of awareness between our dimension and the ones of the Death. The performer reflects on the conscious knowledge of Death is soon to happen, yet not knowing when. Throughout Doris shares gestures and conditions collected during twelve months regular visits in Hospice. They trigger states that celebrate love and life.


Neue Premiere: at Pina Bausch Theater from the Folkwang UDK on October 9th 2019 // First Showing: the NOW! Festival -Form per form- on November 1st. 2018 at Folkwang Museum in Essen. // In Collaboration with: Folkwang Universität der Künste, Kunstring e.V. Verein der Freunde des Museum Folkwang. ZAIK – Quartier am Hafen Köln. 

Production and artistic direction: iSaAc EH // Sound producer & technical coordination: Vincent Michalke. //Artistic advice: Rafaele Giovanola, Benjamin Grau, Barbara Maurer, Nicolas Berge and Tacho Tinta // Costume: Christi Knak Tchaikowskaja 

Created and performed by: iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo and Vincent Michalke

Duration of the piece: 15 – 20 min