Perform Atelier

Bruce Nauman Research Day




Eröffnung am 23. April um 19 Uhr 2018 / Opening on the 23rd of April at 7pm


by iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo

a week with performative tryouts,  reperformances, workshops, fun…


New Home – Photo: Tobias Klich


Perform Atelier is a working with “the space and myself”, in which I  live in the Galerie during 7 days, i have my personal clothes, things, mattress with me and therefore, i will not have privacy for a week, no wifi internet, silence, movement research, love for visitors and fasting practices depending on the ideas being developed. People are free to come any time, however everyday at 19:00 will be a performative try out where any material worked until then or during that day will be share with the visitors; a try out defines the freedom of technic and artistry on expressive through an art field. These are not “performances” as such, as many of the ideas to come are not known or finalised, although it should not prevent it to become a performance or final work. I have invited other artists and colleagues to come around and join me any time they want, with the purpose of broading sources of inspiration, as well as more possibilities to interact with the space and its visitors.

Workshop I -Tales- Photo: iSaAc EH


im Goldenen, Ackerstraße 49, 40233 Düsseldorf

23. – 27. April  – 19:00  tryouts

25 – 27. April –  17-18:30 Uhr Workshops


Register for the Workshops as well as or in the Tryouts please let me know by email at as soon as you can 🙂 We are looking forward meeting you all.



iSaAc EH