by Dan Arenzon

If you consider cultural hybridity in the Americas, colonial and post-colonial discourses, cultural imperialism and heteronormativity; you will then have an idea of my background as a born cuencano violinist, who is in love with music.

Seditiously, the last decade of the 20th Century – with the new turn in mass communication and popular culture – enabled me to express an all-new personal and cultural identity quite different from the expected; my artistic research has led me to work with an unexplored world that would both build and find refuge in my discipline.

An ongoing war against World´s cultures has been daily waged with different domination techniques, since for instance  the continent I grew up was conquered and exploited by Europe; this destructive exhibition of white and western power persists to this day, but identity resists.

Artists and creators of all sorts are still in permanent contact with the source of dreams and fantasies the land still provides and awakes.

Capturing a resounding echo that every man recognizes deep within

Every music allows me to make visible the invisible, but so does my work as a performer and with dancers, and my work with images and image makers.

Hombre, Mujer, Persona de Maíz. With the support of You anda little help from my artist friends born under sun I will be able to produce and present Niñe de Maíz – Corn Child – Maiskind.

Isaac EH   Artistic director of Maiskind

by Dan Arenzon




by Dan Arenzon