Pamela Banchetti graduated with a first-class MA (European BA) in Theatre Studies and English Literature from the University of Glasgow and is now studying Contemporary Dance at the ZZT- Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Cologne. In her dissertation, Pamela researched the role of kinesthetic empathy in interdisciplinary improvisation of music, dance and poetry. She combined theoretical and practical research in order to approach more directly the question of how the improviser can be aware of kinesthetic empathy and use it as a dramaturgical tool, as well as to explore new material. In her research she collaborated with Scottish based improvisation collectives, Collective Endeavours and Iceberg Improvisation among others. Her research in the field of English Literature focuses on modern and post-modern literature; she sees language, as defined by Adam Phillips (The Beast in the Nursery, 1999), as a pre-designed set mode of expression, and she explores how the individuality of the writer emerges and breaks free from this.   

Her dance and performance training started in Italy, where she was born and raised, between the age of 7 and 18, as she trained in modern, ballet and musical in various schools and also with international dancers. From the age of 19 to the age of 23 she lived in Glasgow and in Berlin. In Glasgow, she pursued ballet and contemporary as well as Ashtanga Yoga training in local institutions including Scottish Ballet; she also took part as a deviser and participant in dance and physical theatre student productions at the University of Glasgow. In Berlin, she trained more persistently in contemporary, ballet, yoga and improvisation at TanzFabrik, Marameo, Dock 11, Dance House, among others. She performed in Significance into Movement by Tamar Grosz, in ZuMUtung in collaboration with Martina Jannssen, and in Corbeaux by Bouchra Ouziguen and Compagnie “O”. Moreover, she collaborated with Sabina Moe in the creation of Failure Lab, a workshop that gives the chance to artists from different disciplines to experiment with, what thez believe are, their failures. Since the beginning of her studies at ZZT, she participated as a dancer in Among Us, by Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo, as part of his Master Dissertation (October 2019).

Poldo is the creator of Pinolino. Pinolino is native of a pine forest on the coast of Tuscany. It is a genderless creature, the real spirit of the forest. The forest used to be a very magic place, special to everyone that came in contact with it. Now, because of climate change, the forest is dying, its trees are very dry and do not produce any more pinecones. Poldo, a very special friend of the forest, built a glove puppet version of Pinolino out of a pinecone. Together, they gathered a small crew of puppet performers and tell stories of the pine forest in the streets and stages of many cities, wishing to keep the pine forest alive in people’s imagination. They perform through the gates of puppet theatres built from upcycled material and spellbound both children and adult’s fantasies.