iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo

     i am a Violinist and Performance Artist currently living in Germany, where I do experimental work moving between the fields of classical, contemporary music, free improvisation, contemporary dance and performance Art.
The person as a priority in my work has driven me to always question myself, however motivating me constantly to apply and develop as much as i can, my habilities and experiences to provide love and care. 
Happy and lucky to be given recognitions for what i do troughout my life, among the most meaningful, the DAAD Prize 2016, “Deutschland Stipendium”scholarship at the “Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln”, “Stibet III DAAD” 2018 Scholarship at the Folkwang UDK,  the Anthony Ridley prize at the Junior Royal Northern College of Music and as a teenage taking part at and winning some national competitions while at Academia Fronteras Musicales at my hometown Cuenca, Ecuador.
Incredibly honoured to have been a guest at the NOW international festival for contemporary music ’18 in Essen with the premiere of my work “Doris’ Hand together with Vincent Michalke at the Folkwang Museum; as well as being part in other works at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Alte Oper Frankfurt among other galleries and performance spaces in Germany, Spain & Italy.
I currently join the master program for contemporary music department at the UDK-Folkwang with Prof. Barbara Maurer and so far I am loving it. Previously, i studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Luis Spohr Akademie in Kassel, FOSJE family in Quito, Junior RNCM in Manchester, as well as taking further music, dance & performances lessons, workshops festivals and masterclasses in Kolleg für Kunst Montepulciano, Orian Theater Academy Paris, Weimar Bach Akademie, Tanzhaus NRW among others in Germany, France, England, Chile, Poland, Croatia and Italy.
I have been incredibly touched and lucky to have worked for or be tought by: Pina Bausch Theater Underground IV (2016 Wuppertal), Marina Abramovic –The Cleaner Exhibition Bundeskunsthalle Bonn 2018, Lynsey Peisinger (Abramovic Method), Oriantheatre of Mehdi Farajour in Paris, Sara Saviet, Elke Luyten, Melise Mellinger, Sebastian Gottschick, Tianwan Yang, Ariadne Daskalakis, Lena Neudauer, Helmut Zehetmair, Ophelia Young, Johannes Schöllhörn, Christoph Poppen, Berhard Forck, Helmut Rilling, Jorge Dávila, Alexander Schubert, Stefan Prins, among others; performing around Europe and Southamerica.
Besides the various artistic collaborations it is important to me the joy of spending time in other social artistic and pedagogic projects with the community, currently with the catholic & prostestant community in Essen and the Otavalo indigenous young music students in Ecuador.
AND never last and never least, i love sharing time with other people and my passion for chocolate.


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